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Bianca Ventimiglia 

Hello there lovely people! 

My name is Bianca Ventimiglia and I am the 'the girl' behind The Girl in the Green Apron!

Welcome, welcome to my page; the place where I get the opportunity to share some of favourite recipes that I hope will inspire you to get more creative in the kitchen and enthusiastic about eating more vibrantly and cleanly! 

I have a Bachelors in Agricultural Science (graduating from Sydney University) and also a Bachelors of Nutritional Medicine and Dietetics (from Endeavor College in Sydney. For anyone who knows me I am an absolute foodie and passionate about all-things Mother Nature, health and nutrition. I have a particular interest for creating informative content through recipe development, video and article to share my knowledge of health and nutrition. My aims in life are to help inspire as many individuals as possible to maximise their health potential through the consumption of whole-foods, exercise and positive mindset. Giving people autonomy to make healthy changes in their lives inspires motivation, long-term success and self-empowerment. Health is our biggest investment; the better we look after it, the more positive and enriched our lives will be! My food philosophy encapsulates fuss-free cooking, wholesome ingredients, non-restricted diets and 'everything in moderation'. Being healthy is learning to love yourself, your body and finding enjoyment in eating. 

Well I think thats enough detail about me. Go and enjoy the recipes that I hold very close to to my heart and all the little bits of interesting nutritional information I sneak in from time to time :)


If you have any questions in regards to ANYTHING health or cooking, contact me, and i'll try my best to get back to you!

Hope you are having a wonderful day wherever you are in this beautiful world!


Lots and lots of love, 

Bee xxx

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